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BJP and The Politics of Hate

The BJP & its ideology is synonymous to hate politics in India. From Mahatma Gandhi’s killing to recent incidents of lynching, from Love Jihad to feeding the masses with fake news to incite violence.

In the Mahatma’s killing, Hindu Mahasabha, from the beginning, said that murderer Nathuram Godse was innocent and fed the same “rubbish” in the minds of their cadre.

When they realized that the idea was not working as they had expected it to, they picked up the Ram Janma Bhoomi issue in the 1980s. Since then, BJP’s politics revolves around the temple issue.

In 2012, the saffron party cleverly began its poll campaign with India Against Corruption (IAC). The party promised the moon to the voter by assuring two lakh new jobs every year, robust economy, development, women’s safety, and so on and so forth on one side while it promoted its Hindutva poster boy Narendra Modi on the other.

As a result, the party came to power with absolute majority causing heartburn to several National Democratic Alliance NDA allies.

Soon after the honeymoon period was over, the new government was found fumbling on several fronts. The tall promises made during the campaign trail were far from being realized. The disgruntlement started building up among the masses.

The party realized it quickly and shifted to one mode which had always reaped them rewards, i.e., hard Hindutva laced with hate politics.

Just as reducing the Babri Masjid to a heap of rubble wasn’t a majority opinion, the construction of the mandir too was not a majority opinion. The BJP, with its robust propaganda machinery, made it a majority opinion.

It took 7 Decades for The BJP to reach here. You need conviction to do that, well their conviction has always been to make India a Manuvadi Nation. It is up to Indians to decide whether they want a Manuvadi nation with no development or a developed nation that everyone can call home.

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