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CPMs Rules of Division And BJPs Divide to Rule.

It is always easier to divide than to multiply. It is always easier to conquer when you are divided.

Divide & Rule is one of those British tricks left back in India. The people still using that rule perfectly are the slaves of British, RSS, and Communists.

Diversified India

Just visualize a perfect bonhomie among all caste religions and sects of our great nation. A nation thinks as “One India”. Imagine people who literally value “All Indians are my brothers and sisters”. Can you even imagine fascist political organizations like BJP, CPM, AAP, etc coming to power in such a situation? Never they can and never will people of this Nation vote for them.

Knowing this fact very well these political parties sow the seeds of hatred among the people to divide them in the name of diversities. They try to break the “Unity of diversity” and turn it into “Exploitation of diversity”.

The BJP Way

BJP does this perfectly in the name of religion, region, and caste. They burn their midnight oil to make sure that Hindus and Muslims can never be good friends. BJP/RSS brainwash the Hindus directly in the name of Gods, Puranas, and Shastras.

Further, they invoke ancient mythology to stir up the emotions of devoted Hindu fraternity to ferment hate against Muslims and other religious minorities.
And they have Gods in every region to project so as to hoodwink people. Lord Somnath in West, Lord Ram in North, Lord Jaganath in East, Lord Ayyappa in Kerala, Lord Murugan in Tamil Nadu, and they have well mapped out a plan for every state.

Now by any means does that unite the Hindus? No, they will not let that happen too. If Hindus unite then there is a bigger problem for them in facing the united sane Hinduism. So BJP and RSS often use the instrument called ‘caste’ to further divide Hindus to fragments. Take any caste unrest that has occurred in our Nation. RSS and its affiliates will have a major say in the turmoil.

Does the role of BJP/RSS end there? When it ends there then they will have to face a consolidated minority community to face. The consolidation of the Muslim force is a mightier one they learned. Why should only Hindus be divided? Then comes the master plan of BJP/RSS to create division among Muslims.
In the process, they created leaders like Owaisis and Kejriwals to handle the division perfectly. Owaisis and Kejriwals make sure that the Muslims never unite and play a major role. They feed Athwales and Mayawatis to make sure that even Dalits do not stay together.

They molded this model to perfection so that the Indian people will always remain fractured and the sentiments and emotions can be whipped up so easily with just a spark.

The CPM Tactics

Not far behind is the CPM. A noteworthy fact is that it was the Communists who are the co-founders of the division of hate in India. They exploited the caste division among the poor to get votes. They widened the gap between the rich and poor to ride in that gap to power.

The growth of the Communist Party in Kerala is a manifesto of the above fact. They created hatred against the upper caste and the rich. They split the society and made sure that the upper caste and lower caste travel in a parallel path and they never meet. This assisted them to capture power and survive.

Now the CPM is being limited only to Kerala and they have felt the need for survival during its last few months of shelf life. They are looking to hold on to whatever they can. As of now, they have started working on the following weak links of India. Instead of strengthening the weak links, CPM wants to break them at their convenience.

Dalit VS Brahmins

Take a look at any Commie. Their main agenda is to instigate Dalits against Brahmins. You will be mistaken if you think that the commies are working for the upliftment of Dalits. Take a closer look at them. They never fail to take potshots at the upper caste. They make sure to give a feel that the upper caste is against Dalits and they should be opposed tooth and nail.

Muslims VS Hindus

What has a party that does not believe in any religion has to do with any religion? Nothing but the votes. To garner Muslim votes they prop up themselves as a pro-Muslim party. You got it absolutely wrong if you ever think that CPM is supporting Muslims by uplifting them or by making their lives better.

CPM has a certain agenda of instigating volatile Muslims against Hindus. And to cement their stand further they resort to anti majority sentiments, which they think would attract Muslims towards them. Their stand at Sabarimala and now their latest stand against Ram mandir are few to highlight.

What the Muslims want is peace and harmony in society. They are concerned about their well being and betterment in society. They would never want an era where they consider Hindus as their enemies. Especially the millennial Muslims have realized this and they are moving towards that era. If that happens then a party like CPM will have to shut shop. To prevent the realization of that era Commies are drawing out all available tricks in their armor by instigating Muslims. They want to project any Indian who follows Hinduism is as an enemy to the Muslim community.

South Vs North

This is a new weapon they started using in recent times. Simple technique. North Indians rejected Communists. So Communists want to isolate South from North to show their presence. The total presence of commies all over India will be negligible and they will not even be visible. To avoid total relegation they need to consolidate themselves to South and isolate North.

The barbs against North Indians by commies are a manifest of this technique. The more division they create among North and South they stand a chance to win few votes for sure.
Take the case of Kerala where its political opponents are panning India parties. Those parties have a presence in the North and have tall North Indian leaders. When you form a hatred against North Indians, the commies sense a possibility of South Indians hating North Indian leaders and the political outfits.

Kerala Model

This is the new version of division and hatred used by the commies. Their plan is to isolate Kerala from rest of the country and feed Keralites with a complex of their own. They propagate lies about how North India hates Kerala and Malayalees. Commies use the regionalism as a tool to isolate people and island them. They want to project themselves as the only saviors and garner sympathy and votes.

I’m dreaming of an era where Indians think as Indians without any tag attached to them as Hindu/Muslim, Dalit/Brahmin, Tamilian/Gujarati, etc. I firmly believe that people will realize that the extra tags attached to them are the chains that bound them. Let the new generation at least understand the sinister plans of such political parties and break the shackles.

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